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August 2015

Showdown Between Vendors and Channel Partners

Some Vendors are starting to understand that their objectives are not quite aligned with those of their channel partners. The gap can be huge and cause a lot of finger pointing. Vendors basically want to sell their products to the customers of their channel partners. However, the partners are not always transparent when it comes to allowing the Vendors to prospect their clients. One effective way to align with partners is for vendors to work [...]

July 2012

Vendor Needs Vs Channel Needs

Vendors usually have two goals in the channel – recruiting new partners and empowering current partners to sell more. Regardless, the channel receives an onslaught of communications as vendors compete for who can yell the loudest. The channel has already tuned out most of this information overload to a point where it has simply become background “white noise”. With spam filters and unified communications, VARs have their fingers on the “mute button”. On the other [...]

Is the art of relationship-building fading in the channel?

Doing the same channel programs with partners and expecting a different result is a sign of you know what. The channel is overflowing with “me-too” channel programs. It’s very difficult to differentiate one from the other. Relationships may be the one thing that truly separates success from failure. This article may seem to talk only to vendors but partners can also leverage this information to benefit their company. Good relationships work for both parties. In [...]

Nothing worth watching? Change the Channel

Twenty years ago, we created a campaign to tout the value of the channel and challenge the notion that the channel was poised for extinction. It was called “Change the Channel”. It was a time when direct vendor marketing was gaining momentum. Dell was dominating the market with massive direct sales growth. Apple was gearing up for their direct to consumer strategy. Dotcoms were the big rage as everyone raced to sell directly to the [...]