Most vendors already have a Social Media strategy targeting their end-users, but NOT their partners! Having your channel team simply share articles on LinkedIN is not a social media strategy.

Vendors are sharing information with their followers every day, but how much of that is actually trickling down to the end-user customers of your channel partners? How do you get your channel partners to share the right content to build thought-leadership and prospect their end-users?

Leverage your partner’s social media networks

Simply sharing your content on your social media networks is not enough to have your partners share your message with their social networks. You need original and targeted content that is optimized for partners and their social media! We work with a our social media professionals who understand the requirements of the IT Industry to help vendors develop a social media strategy with their partners. We implement a campaign using tools that makes it easy for partners to pass on your content to their followers. With the right original social media content and dissemination tool, we can help drive your awareness and thought-leadership right-through to your partners’ followers.