Welcome To TechnoPlanet Productions Inc.

We were born in the IT Channel about 30 years ago with a mission to help vendors build their channel partner communities. In the early days, we had to invent channel programs and tools to get the job done. We had a front row seat to watch the channel grow up. Today, we reach over 65,000 channel partners in 6 countries. As we move into the 4th decade of the channel’s evolution, we are excited about what’s to come. We are constantly improving and creating new ways to help vendors accelerate channel growth as well as to help channel partners build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business. We are locked and loaded!


Channel partners continue to reinvent themselves to meet the needs of the evolving buying journey of the customer in a rapidly evolving technology landscape. They are also focused on building a predictable and sustainable recurring revenue business. The everything Cloud, IT Security AI, Internet Of Things and Intelligent Data will continue to change the way the channel markets, sells and delivers IT to the end-user. As everything-as-a-service becomes commoditized, companies who do not adapt in real-time may run the risk of becoming marginalized in the future.

To stay at the leading edge of the channel game, we leverage a wide variety of activities including News Media, Research, Conferences, Awards, End-User Lead Generation, Social and Digital Marketing, Partner Best Business Practices and Partner Enablement Tools.  We created CMaaS (Channel Marketing as a Service) for vendors who want a comprehensive channel development based on their KPIs, for a fixed monthly fee. We also help all types of VARs, MSPs, MSSPs, ISVs and ITSPs to evaluate their best business practices and help them to implement new tools and best practice business skills to become champions.

There is no guarantee that what was best-practice yesterday will remain best practice tomorrow!

The Future Of Channel Marketing is here and we are at the forefront of its evolution. We welcome an opportunity to explore how we can help you build or improve your channel partner community and marketplace.

Julian Lee, CEO and President TechnoPlanet

We are 100% pure Channel! “Helping vendors build a bigger, better and stronger channel community and marketplace!”

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