At the core of our business is helping vendors and their channel partners to develop better marketing campaigns that work. Here are a few things to consider…

Provide better marketing tools with proper execution

Results are only as good as your marketing tools and the way the campaigns are executed! Alining strategies to support your partners to market and sell your products effectively is mission critical. Allowing for easy customization, and localization will make your marketing tools more effective and increase ROI. We develop a wide range of marketing tools including web, e-mail, video, POP, brochures, posters and presentations. More importantly,  we manage the implementation process to ensure that the partners are using the tools correctly.

Converting more leads into sales is the end-game

Most end-user leads go cold and the vendor may never even know! We have seen this too many times to count.  Can you really fully automate the marketing process? The sales pitch may sound good, but the proof is in the results. Everyone in the know, knows that automated systems can only do so much! Once you have generated end-user leads, how do you ensure that they are being followed up properly and by the most effective partners? What if your leads are landing at partners with weak closing skills? We provide a powerful lead management service to qualify, distribute and monitor to ensure maximum closing rates. We even provide field-support from sales coaches to help the partners close more deals. We also offer CRM connectivity tools that can connect the flow of sales leads between vendors and partners. We even do end-user follow up to ensure satisfaction results. Let us show you how our comprehensive lead management process can help you maximize the ROI from your current end-user leads.

Streamlining your marketing processes with your partners

There are several tools available to help vendors automate much of their channel marketing processes. Alining and streamlining the marketing processes between vendor and partner (where possible) will help generate better results. Managing Marketing Development Funds (MDF) for partners is one process that really needs streamlining and automation. If it is too complex and time consuming for partners to apply and comply for MDF, then they will simply give up. Already, over half of the MDF funds are not being utilized. Consider how this shortfall is currently impeding end-user demand generation! We can automate this process for you and your partners. We can also help your partners use MDF funds for more effective marketing campaigns.