Where does the channel get their news from? Research shows that about 57% get information on new products from tech news web sites. We also know that channel partners research and get information from channel-focused sites like e-ChannelNEWS.com. The bottom line is that Channel partners get their news from multiple resources so there is really no one go-to spot. It is same reason why there is not just one TV Network. Every news source delivers a different perspective and content. Thousands of VARs, MSPs, ITSPs, distributors and news media journalists view our content and they keep coming back regularly. Subscribe for free and see for yourself!

We have two news media properties for Canada and one international Channel Partner blog to deliver news to over 65,000 qualiaed VARs, MSPs and ITSPs in 6 countries – and growing every day. We offer numerous ways for vendors to reach these companies to generate awareness and recruit channel partners.


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More channel partners are getting their news from video and podcasts than ever before. Our video and podcasts feeds exclusive interviews with leading vendors and experts. Video and audio matters to your channel communications in more ways than you may be aware.  When video and audio is amplified through social media sharing, the results can be exponential. It is truly amazing what you could communicate in a 2-minute clip!

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