2,271,240 Liters of water pours off the Canadian Niagara Falls every second! If you stand by the falls, you are sure to get wet. Beyond the fact that the view is amazing, we picked Niagara Falls to host our ChannelNEXT event on June 6-7 because we think it’s time to get really wet to wash off some of the old ways of doing things that may be holding you back. Time to embrace a fresh new era in the next generation channel.

We started by building the next generation in channel conferences with peer-8-peer “mastermind” collaboration activities. The only thing we kept from the past 15 years was the fun stuff cause all work and no play is way too dry. Everything is now built around best business practice development with peer-to-peer collaboration. And, all things to build sustainable recurring revenue.

See what people are saying about the new experience with the  peer-to-peer “mastermind” format. Watch the videos on  e-channelnews.com. And my  interview with Paolo Del Nibletto.

The keynote will be on Artificial Intelligence in the IT Channel. AI is already creeping into IT security, help desk, ticketing, remote monitoring, marketing and more… Shane Gibson (ranked #5 in Forbes Best Social Media Experts in the World), will show you how AI has already been injected into digital selling. It will change your perception on how AI will be affecting your business and life in the IT Channel.

You will meet some of the very best vendors in the World when it comes to building recurring revenue. Some are new and exclusive to ChannelNEXT.

We are going to introduce the most effective marketing automation platform ever built for channel partners to generate end-user awareness 365 days a year. Launching another digital tool that will help any sales rep to deliver perfect pitches and increase closing rates by as much as 30%. You will have to see to believe an affordable Cloud-based ERP that has been built to run the business of any channel partner (regardless of size). Three tools to help you accelerate towards your digital transformation.

The hottest topic in the land is data security. Meet several vendors with critical layers to bake into your security stack – vital in protecting your customers!

Two of Microsoft’s Cloud distributors will be there to talk partner business on Office 365, Dynamics, Azure and more. The best wireless network technology vendor will be presenting their channel proposition. The very best disaster and recovery solutions will be in the house including 100% data-stays-in-Canada options. The best managed service automation, RMM and VoIP solutions will also be there.

We are bringing a wide variety of solutions and vendors for you to meet. We guarantee that if you can start doing business with all of them you will build big recurring revenue!

While that is more than enough reason to come, keep in mind that the “Pièce De Résistance” is the 300 Elite Mastermind peer-to-peer collaboration. If you want to grow and future-proof your business, then this is all you need. It is also going to change your life! Read a quick overview about this program. You do not have to be alone!

Learn more, download a complete prospectus or register at ChannelNEXT. We can send send you an e-copy of the 52 page conference guide, if you wish more information!

Come get inspired to build a bigger, better, stronger and smarter business on June 6-7!

Ask about a post-ChannelNEXT activities like workshops that we are offering to all sales reps and sales managers on Social Selling – The Digital Transformation Of B2B Sales. It will rock your selling game!