Please browse the various types of channel services that we offer…If you are not sure what you need to best improve your channel business, then lets start a conversation. We can help you improve and grow your channel in many ways. Ask about our lifecycle channel process that we have been using successfully for decades to help hundreds of vendors to develop a sustainable channel business!

  • Research: The first step is to ensure that you are working with the right-fit channel partners that are best suited to market and sell your product.
  • Profiling: With a proper partner profile, we can help you search our master list to identify the most appropriate companies to sell, market, support and service your product.
  • Recruitment: We use several vehicles and tactics to generate awareness and engage potential partners into a call-to-action with your company.
  • Education: Once the channel partners are recruited, they must be well educated on your products and services to enable them to effectively market, sell and support. This may go beyond the typical product education into business training such as improving their presentation and selling skills.
  • Motivation: With a well-educated channel partner network, we jump to the next challenge of motivating them on several levels to proactively sell more of your products, every day.
  • Champion: As with any group, there will be certain partners that excel in their performance. It is important to identify these champions quickly and understand their formula for success so you can replicate this successful skill set onto other lesser-performing partners.
  • Loyalty: To reap the long-term benefits from your channel development work and prevent market share erosion by competitors, it is mission critical to develop an on-going loyalty program to ensure your partners continue to sell and support your products.