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In recent years, the channel has been undergoing the most profound transition that it has ever seen in its history. Channel partners are reinventing themselves to meet the needs of the new digital customer, while they build a recurring revenue business model.

The everything Cloud, Internet Of Things and Big Data will continue to change the way the channel markets, sells and delivers IT to the end-user. As everything-as-a-service becomes more commonplace, companies who do not adapt may run the risk of becoming marginalized in the next generation channel.

There is no guarantee that what was best-practice yesterday will remain best practice tomorrow. The channel is now a much faster moving target with more moving parts. For over 25 years we have been helping vendors to leverage our experience and expertise to build a successful, predictable and sustainable channel business. Today we are reaching over 65,000 channel partners in 6 countries. We are always listening and learning how to help our customers grow bigger, better, stronger and faster.

The Future Of Digital Channel Marketing is here and we are on the forefront of this evolution. We welcome an opportunity to explore how we can help you exploit digital channel marketing to grow your business.

Julian Lee, CEO and President TechnoPlanet

“Helping vendors build a bigger, better and stronger channel!”

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