TechnoPlanet has launched the first ever “as-a-service program” for IT vendors looking to do channel marketing. This may be the most significant change in the way vendors market in the channel for over a decade.

Typically, Vendors would do specific marketing campaigns like events, news media, telemarketing, e-mail broadcasts or contests etc. to recruit new partners or generate awareness. Each campaign is separate with a specific cost and ROI. What if for one monthly fee, vendors could have a comprehensive mix of channel marketing programs to keep their channel partners growing all year long?

We currently offer over 50 types of channel marketing programs that vendors can mix and match according to their goals and budget. Many vendors are constantly reviewing a variety of marketing programs and have to choose the right ones to help them reach their goals. Unfortunately they have to make difficult choices based on budget and other resources. With our new marketing-as-a-service, vendors no longer have to choose and budgeting is lesser of an issue with the pay-as-you-go monthly program. It’s exciting and we think its the next generation in channel marketing.

While TechnoPlanet will still offer channel-marketing programs “a-la-carte”, they are now offering 365 days-a-year comprehensive channel partner marketing programs, for one monthly fee.

Here is a small sample of what’s included:

  1. Bi-Weekly channel news coverage and social media to keep Vendor’s message buzzing in the channel all year long.
  2. Face-to-face channel conferences to meet partners.
  3. Semi-annual channel partner surveys and research.
  4. Telemarketing to channel partners in regions targeted for recruitment.
  5. E-mailing channel partners in target regions for recruitment.
  6. Quarterly webinars.
  7. Business assessments of channel partners to uncover strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Effective end-user demand generation at partner level.
  9. Monthly progress reviews.
  10. Competitive advantage monitoring.

Channel managers know that doing “one-of” campaigns can be hit or miss and require spikes in budget spending. With this comprehensive pay-as-you-go program, they can better manage their channel budget and get more ROI from the marketing synergistic effects.

Ask us about a customized CMaaS program that is right for your company and pricing.