Do you really know if your current channel programs and playbook are helping or hurting you? 

Do you know what is really going on with your current channel partners?

Do you really know your channel partners as well as you should? Having accurate up-to-date insights on your channel partners is mission critical for fine-tuning your programs to maximize your growth and to give you a competitive advantage. We can generate updated channel research data so you can make the right decisions. Always keep a pulse on the vital signs of your channel!

Do you have the right channel partners?

Channel partners that are left unchecked can be a significant drain on your resources and stifle growth. Do you have to be stuck in the 80/20 rule forever? Do you invest all of your resources into the current top performers and hope they stay strong? What can you do with the bottom 80%? We can help you “clean up” your current partner base and get more producing more results for your company. We can help you improve and maintain your channel partner ecosystem to grow sustainable sales.

Does your channel programs generate the desired behaviour from partners?

Ineffective channel programs that are too complicated or misguided will impact the performance of your partners. We can help you to create effective partner programs and implement automation tools to make them easy to manage. Ensuring that your partners understand how to best leverage your channel programs is also important. We can help you educate your partners as well as help them to properly execute. We review your current channel programs and provide you with a road map to make them work better for your company and partners. Since we have already invented, analyzed, and understand channel programs used by hundreds of vendors, we can help you to develop a set of best-practice programs that will work for your company. The channel it changing and you need to change with it! Remember best practice never stays best practises forever!

Does your channel program cater to the next generation channel partners?

New channel players require a different playbook as they do not think or act like traditional IT channel partners. This is a relatively new and complex marketplace so channel programs need to connect with the individual personas of every type of channel player. Otherwise you run the risk of alienating a group of customers.