In the long run, it is probably better to teach your partners how to “fish” instead of just giving them a “fish”.

We use a variety of end-user demand generation programs and tactics to help and teach your partners how to generate qualified sales leads on their own. We have done everything from webinars to seminars to amazing end-user expos like our AppleExpo events. We just launched a new marketing automation platform with original content to help vendors and their partners to generate awareness and leads 365 days a year! Ask how you can access an “on-ramp” to feed your content into the system and help your partners leverage this powerful tool to drive sale demand. We know how to drive end-user awareness and demand generation.

Here are a few ways in which we generate end-user sales demand for partners:

Marketing Automation Platform With Content and AI

Check out a new game-changing marketing automation tool for your channel partners to generate end-user demand. We have been building this with a third-party company for the past 2 years and now its finally ready! It’s all you may need to drive sales demand through your partners 365 days a year!

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Social Selling

We help partners to leverage your Social Media content to drive your message to their end-users. We can also create original content for your partners. Our social media coaches provide the social media training and support to help them do this right.

Search Engine Marketing (at targeted geo-level)

Doing SEM right is not easy as you may think especially at the partner level. It can easily swallow up your budget without generating any ROI. We develop and execute the right search engine marketing campaigns that will drive qualified leads to your partners in real-time. This can be one of the most cost-effective ways to help partners generate qualified sales leads. We manage the entire process and ROI is 100% measurable. We target specific SEM regions to help your partners generate sales leads from within their local territories.

Digital Marketing

Leveraging the right social network platforms with the right message to the right audiences with the right content and the right landing page and lead nurturing process is no easy task. It is not something that many can do correctly. With expert guidance, we help channel partners to develop and implement a digital marketing program that drives results.

E-Broadcasting and Telemarketing

E-mailing is still the most cost-effective digital marketing campaign. We produce customized e-mail with call-out campaigns to prospect partner’s end-users or we can teach them how to do it right. We also have access to several qualified end-user databases to prospect in various markets.

Face-to-face Events

We customize all types of face-to-face events for your partners to present your message to their customers. We create the appropriate event theme and venue to fit your goals and budget. Large or small events, we can organize as much as needed. We did the AppleExpo Trade shows. We can go as big as you want.


Co-hosting webinars with your partners can be very cost-effective in helping them to educate their end-users about your solution. Ask how we make webinars more newsworthy.


Providing the best digital content will allow your partners to better present and sell your products online. It is part of our ibiz10 e-commerce offering. We can create your exclusive network of private-labelled web stores for each of your partners. We can also feature your products, special promotions and rebates on hundreds of web stores in our online reseller network.

Public Relations

We help channel partners to develop a cost-effective localized PR campaign to build their brand and thought-leadership within their local communities. It can help amplify your vendor message more effectively to the prospects in these local markets.

Improve your partners’ business practices (to grow sales)!

We help channel partners to improve all of their best business practices in peer groups of 8! Learn how!