A webinar is one of the most resource-effective ways to generate awareness and prospect partners. Unfortunately, with so many being done in the channel, the attendance can be challenging.

To bring more value, we organize and host your webinar from an editorial perspective. We make it a little more newsworthy. We introduce your company and speaker. We interact with the speaker during the question and answer period. We make it a good experience.

We also record the webinar and provide to the entire database of VARs, MSPs and ITSPs for on-demand viewing through our news media outlets and subscribers. We also socialize your webinar to generate more views. We also publish your webinar with a related news article on our news portals www.e-channelnews.com and www.ecntv.tv. Sometimes on www.varcoach.com, depending on the content.

Anyone can do a webinar, but our exclusive value-add will get you more results!